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Why a golden...Golden Retrievers are very friendly, loving and often make great family pets. To bring home the perfect Golden Retriever from a breeder, it is important to find a breeder who focuses on the health, longevity, and temperament of their dogs. The Golden Retriever puppies should also be well socialized before going to their forever home and be screened for genetic hereditary problems including hip and elbow heart and eye problems. Plus they should be genetic tested for any genetic disease prevalent in golden retrievers.
All my dogs have been genetic tested through Embark Vet. I do all the proper health testing put forth by the Golden Retriever Club of America which are hips-elbows-heart-eyes and have received CHIC certs from OFA before breeding to make sure my dogs are happy and healthy and sound.


I started my career many years ago in 4-H around the age of 8. I showed collies and sheltie's in conformation and obedience. The above photo is Checkers and I around the late 80's.

I got my 1st golden when I got older and it has been a great ride and I never looked back. I always say there are 2 breeds of dogs in this world, Goldens and all the rest. I am a small breeder of only 2-3 litters a year. I try to spend as much time with my adult dogs with training, events and classes and just plain 'we' time and I fear if my pack got too big my quality/training time would lack. My daughter is a big part of my program and I couldn't do what I do without her. I work a full time job but my daughter, Kristine, works from home and is here to let dogs out or feed pups when needed. Once in a while I can get her to bathe a dog.

My biggest influence was my parents, Dave and Pat. They made me train my dogs everyday growing up no matter how much I complained, hauling us to 4-H classes, going down to the state fair for our 4-H championship. For showing me how to treat a dog proper and instill how important dogs are in our life. And for the days I didn't give my dogs fresh water only to have my mom pour it in a glass and have it waiting for me at dinner time. YUCK.

My next step in my program is sell my home this summer in northern Illinois and find a nice small place in the country side of Southern Wisconsin.

I am a proud member of AKC, GRCA & GRCI.

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