Born 7.20.2019

Penny is a very light AKC Golden. She is 3/4 American and about a 1/4 Euro. She stands around 22" tall and weights around 80lbs. If you are looking for a very laid back easy going gal who loves her ball and smooches, Penny is your gal. She will wait next to the grooming table for her turn to get brushed. NO JOKE. I literally have to boot her off 10 times.

Penny does have a few AKC companion titles. Penny has her CGC(Canine Good Citizen) and her TKN(Trick Dog Novice) I did try Obedience with Penny but she was much happier just hanging out at the house so I decide to just let her be a "stay at home dog". Penny loves her car rides and visiting grandma but doesn't like the hustle and bustle of a busy show ring. 

Penny has had all the proper health testing and has received her CHIC cert from OFA plus Penny had PennHips done with the results of Right DI=0.36/ Left DI= 0.33. Golden retriever's PennHip average is 0.54. Penny is well below the average, the lower her number the better the hips. Penny does carry ICH1 but as long as the sire is clear, her pups will not be affected by any genetic diseases. Penny has also been tested for ICH2 and is clear. Please click here for Penny's K9Data , OFA's and Embark genetic tests results.









BORN 5.29.2021

What can I say about my Goosey girl. Such an amazing  dog. I saw her around 2:00 in the morning on the internet at 8 weeks of age and knew I had to have her. I couldn't get a wink of sleep the rest of the night waiting for the breeder to reply to my message. Goose hails from Minnesota. She is a gorgeous deep red and so so smart and loves to compete. She has those hazel eyes that she received from her great grandad Stanley Steamer . Click on Stanley if you would like to read about this great dogs accomplishments.

Goose has many AKC titles to her name and is not stopping anytime soon. She has her DCAT running Fastcat and her RN & RI in Rally and got invited to AKC Rally Nationals 2023 and 2024. She did very well in 2023 with a combined score of 293/300 with one perfect score! She also has her beginner Novice title in obedience. Goose has now accomplished receiving her Barn Hunt title, she now has her RATN(novice) and her RATI(instinct). What this girl does astounds me every competition! She has also received one leg in open.

She has her DJ & DS title in Dock Diving with her personal best of 17' 9" and had an invite to Regionals in 2023. She of course has her CGC, TKN, ATT, FDC and VHMP. This girl has an amazing attitude and loves everyone she meets and will be your best friend within minutes. She is the epitome of a Golden Retriever! I am beyond excited on what this girl is going to doing and what the future will be with her! Goose has also received her CCA-certificate of conformation from the GRCA which is another huge notch in her cap.

Goose accomplished getting her Therapy license through Therapy Dogs International(TDI) She can now pay it forward and make more people fall in love with her!!

Goose is clear on all genetics diseases including ICH2. Goose's current longevity in her pedigree is 12.5 years. I have been reaching out to past generations trying to get everybody up-dated and have been very happy to hear some of the generations are alive and well at 12-13 and even 14 years old!! I am crazy excited to see what this amazing girl is going to produce. I do know her pups will be smart, intelligent, loving and gorgeous. Please click here for Goose's K9Data, OFA's and Embark genetic test results. Goose has received her CHIC CERT from OFA with an EXCELLENT on her hip score. Another notch in this perfect, gorgeous, smart and sweet girls cap. Goose has also donated blood to OFA's genetics department for future DNA and medical research.


Wildwinds Do A Dollop Of Maisy THDN TKN CGC VHMA

AKA 'Maisy'

BORN 1.04.2022

Meet my girl Maisy! I was searching for just the right Euro girl to add to my pack and Maisy was the one. She hails from Indiana and fits right in. Maisy is a beautiful girl with tons of champions in her pedigree. Her mom and dad hail from Europe and her father qualified for Cruft's in 2019 and 2020. Crufts is in the UK and is the largest international dog show in the world. Click on Crufts to read more about this amazing international show. 

Maisy has received a couple companion titles which are a CGC ,  VHMA and TKN. You can click on each one to learn more about them. These are simple titles letting future puppy owners know that Maisy has manors and can behave in the home and public spaces, which carries through to her pups. I have started Maisy in obedience and we will try her in rally hopefully in fall 2024. I am proud to say that Maisy has her therapy license at THERAPY DOGS INTERNATIONAL and loves cuddling with the seniors at my moms assisted living facility. Maisy has completed her THERAPY DOG NOVICE title with AKC. I am so proud of her and the smiles she brings to the seniors that adore her and can't wait to see her every week.

Maisy has passed all her health testing with flying colors per GRCA and has received her CHIC cert from OFA. Maisy has also donated blood to OFA's genetics department for future DNA and medical research. Click here for Maisy's genetic testing from Embark, Maisy is a carrier of PRA1 (n/P) but as long as she is bred to a non carrier (N/N), puppies will not be affected which you can read about how genetics work here. Maisy has also been tested for ICH2 and is clear through Animal Genetics. Click her for Maisy's OFA's. Click her for Maisy's K9DATA pedigree.

Look for Maisy pups in 2024/2025.



BORN 2.3.2024

Annie is my newest girl and they don't get any sweeter then her. Annie hails from Oklahoma. I actually had my eye on Annie's dad, Blue, for quite sometime, hoping to maybe use him for stud on one of my girls in the future. Pics of Annie's sire and dam are above(Blue and Ellie) The opportunity came along to get Annie and I jumped at her! Annie's pedigree(click) is very very impressive. In just the top 3 generations, there are 2 OD(outstanding dams) and 2 OS(outstanding Sires) A couple of International Champions, 3 BISS(best in show specialty's) 3 GCH(grand champions) and 4 CH(champions) Annie's great uncle is "Daniel" who won Westminster Sporting Group in 2020. Annie is CLEAR on ALL Golden Reteiever genetic diseases plus clear of ICH2. I am hopping to dabble in the conformation ring with Annie. I am very excited about this future endeavor of ours!!